Silverloc Anti-bacterial Towels

Odorless Towels Infused with Natural Silver



Cleaner. Fresher. Longer.

SilverlocTM, is a premium brand of performance towels three years in the making. It is a collaboration between us, a husband & wife design team, and some of the brightest minds in textile development and University Research teams in the United States. In 2015, we released the world’s first naturally anti-bacterial bath pouf infused with silver to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria by 99.9%. Now we are pleased to share the next phase of development; a collection of innovative towels for home, fitness, and pets harnessing the same proven silver technology to combat odor and bacterial growth. This is not nanotechnology or a harmful chemical process, just silver. By weaving our unique silver thread into the cotton fiber, it creates a barrier to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminates human-based odor.

Our project goals are simple:

  • Eliminate Stinky/Sour Towels
  • Balance Softness with Drying Ability
  • Minimize Shedding/Linting
  • Produce a High Quality Domestic Product

The result is a collection of towels that are incredibly balanced in performance and versatility and requires minimum maintenance effort (read: less time doing loads of laundry), to keep you cleaner, fresher, longer.

*Images shown are current Pre-Production and may vary from Full Production launch.

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